50% lighter, 4% increased efficiency, and a 25 year guarantee. This is why our SolCast panels are the pioneering solar PV solution.

  • Standard Solar Panels are created by laminating the cells in a plastic casing which over time becomes delaminated when moisture gets between the layers – which occurs rapidly in coastal locations.
  • Our unique SolCast solar PV panels are made by vacuum-casting solar cells in our custom UV stable clear bio-epoxy resin which means that they cannot delaminate.
  • Each SolCast panel is bespoke manufactured.

Here’s how our SolCast panels perform compared with standard solar panels:

SolCast Solar Panel

  • Generate 230w peak p/sqm.
  • 21.5% modular efficiency.
  • Weighs 10kg p/sqm.
  • Vacuum-cast clear epoxy resin protects solar cells.
  • 25 year guarantee (including corrosion class C5M coastal environments).
  • Self-cleaning clear finish requires minimal maintenance.
  • Flexible bio-epoxy allows for movement and is load bearing.
  • 950 x 1600mm standard panels or bespoke size to create edge-to-edge finish.
  • Conversion to battery storage of any size to meet residential and commercial output requirements.

Standard Solar Panel

  • Generate 190w peak p/sqm.
  • 17% modular efficiency.
  • Weighs 19-20kg p/sqm.
  • Moisture causes delamination of EVA film protecting solar cells.
  • 10 year guarantee (reduced to 5 years in corrosive class C5M coastal environments).
  • Glass casing rigid and susceptible to breakage under load.
  • 950 x 1600mm standard panels.
  • Conversion to battery storage of any size to meet residential and commercial output requirements.

SolCast for floating solar

Our SolCast Solar PV panels are cast in a UV stable bio-epoxy resin – they are designed to withstand highly corrosive class C5M coastal environments. Their strength and flexibility also makes them perfect for our floating solar systems for lakes and oceans.

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SolCast for Power Roofing

Our sister company Coppercoast Developments are a designer and manufacturer of offsite roofing and other building products for the residential and commercial projects. SolCast can be integrated into their Off-site roofing systems for a flat-lay finish, or can be installed as a raised panel on top of a new or existing roof.

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