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Floating Solar

Because our SolCast Solar PV panels are cast in a UV stable epoxy resin – they are designed to withstand highly corrosive class C5M coastal environments. Their strength and flex also makes them perfect for our floating solar systems for lakes and oceans.

Commercial Solar

We offer a full scale design, supply, installation and commissioning of commercial PV projects. Our commercial solar projects range from anywhere between 50KWhp to 15MWhp. We can accommodate any size project anywhere in the world and in most environments.

Domestic Solar

With ever increasing energy costs Domestic Solar Power has become an ever increasingly attractive option for homeowners. Solar panels generate cheap, green electricity from the sunlight. This will help you cut down your energy bills and with battery storage you can save for later use.

Battery Storage

If you add a battery to your solar system it will allow you to store the surplus electricity you generate during the day to power your home during the evening. This will mean that you will import less electricity from the grid and will save you money on your energy bills.